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Tuesday, 23rd of September


The fetishization of Asian women leads to sexual violence:

  • Michael Lohman, a…
Tuesday, 23rd of September


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Tuesday, 23rd of September

Jily Week Day 3: Letters or Pop Culture

Tuesday, 23rd of September


She and He

She’s going to tell him today. She has been putting it off for almost two weeks now, waiting to see if the git would figure it out, but all he’s done is fight the bloody war. All day, and sometimes all night. She thinks he has forgotten how to love her.

He is in an unusually (for these days) good mood today. He feels like it’s been weeks since he has properly talked to her, kissed her, made love to her. The war keeps rearing its ugly head. He thinks it’s about time he shows her just how much he loves her.

She finds him propped up at the kitchen table, leaning his chair back on two legs. A vivid memory of a sixteen-year old James toppling off his chair at the Gryffindor table halfway though the usual ‘All right, Evans?’ as the entire Great Hall echoed with laughter floats up in front of her eyes. She stifles a chuckle. He turns his head around and looks at her. She has a fond smile playing on her lips and an even fonder look in her eyes. And it’s all for him. He gets up and kisses her.

She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed him. As their lips collide, their hearts bump against each other, too. It’s where they belong: together. He tastes like the war: rough, warm and smoky. It’s only logical; the war is part of him, now. She suddenly remembers what she needs to tell him.

He entangles his fingers in her hair, relishing the feel of the tangled red locks. No, no, don’t pull back, Lily. Why is she moving away from him? He tries to slip his hands around her waist.

She gently catches his hands and entwines them with hers.

“Sit, James.”

“Are you mad at me?”

Sit, James,”

He reluctantly plops back down on the chair, automatically leaning it back again.


She tries to stall.

“How did the Hogsmeade raid go? I heard you caught a couple of those arsehats in masks?”

He knows she’s not telling him something.

“It was okay. Dumbledore’s taken them to his office. They’d be lucky to come out in one piece, the bastards.”

She agrees, lips curving up into a tiny smile.

“We’re lucky we came out in one piece, aren’t we? That time in sixth year after we’d had that particularly gruesome duel? I was sure we were goners, then,” she grins reminiscently.

“Well, considering the fact that I was covered in singing warts and you were completely orange; I think we did pretty well,” he laughs. “The shade did look rather fetching on you, though,”

She smacks him lightly. “Fancy some warts, James? This time it’ll be “God Save the Queen”, don’t worry,”

He smirks and leans in. Their lips are touching, but not quite. “Try me.”

“I’m pregnant.” Lily whispers, right against his lips.

James falls off his chair.

She knew he would. Truth be told, she probably intended him to. The twit deserved to have some falls, now and again, great big ego that he had. She giggles, and crouches down next to him.

He’s not quite sure what just happened. Did she…had she…was Lily—

“Yes, James. I’m pregnant. About a month and a half down the line.”

He is still sprawled on the cold floor, lanky limbs all over the place. He stares at her, unblinkingly. They were going to—

“We’re having a child, Potter. Now, get your skinny arse off the floor and kiss me properly.”

Her crisp voice and bright green eyes penetrate his daze. It finally dawns on him.

She clearly sees the whirlwind of emotions that speed across his handsome face.

Shock, then confusion. Realization follows comprehension. Excitement morphs into joy, until one final emotion dominates his features. Euphoria.

He promptly slips off his elbows.

She bursts into loud guffaws, twisting around to lie down next to her husband.

He rubs his head and shoots her a reproachful look.

“You knew I’d fall off.”

“Of course, love.” She wiggles closer until she’s almost lying on his stomach, and rests her head on his chest.

He tilts her chin gently, so she’s looking into his eyes.

Green to hazel, hazel to green. Just like it’s always been.

“We, are going to be, the best parents ever.” He announces proudly. She beams back.

“Do you know how to change a nappy, James?”

“Why do you think I’m friends with Remus and Sirius?”

“Shut up.”


She kisses him.

He hasn’t forgotten, after all.

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James Potter

I should get this for Lily


Monday, 22nd of September


"I don’t like her,” James insists, as exasperated looks are exchanged.

Monday, 22nd of September